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How does it work?

Discover Apps & employee accounts

Uncover and track unknown SaaS apps. Detect and monitor every app along with its associated users.

Access Discovery
User Access Overview

Your Single-Source-of-Truth of all SaaS apps and users

Upgrade from manual spreadsheets to a live overview of applications and user accounts. Enable seamless access requests, user onboarding, and offboarding through your Slack workspace.

Automated offboarding to cut costs and enhance security

Automatically offboard every user's access to prevent unnecessary spending on unused software accounts and minimize the risk of unauthorized access by former employees.

Automated SaaS Operations

What is AccessOwl?

AccessOwl manages employee access to SaaS applications. It integrates your Google and Slack workspaces with the entirety of your SaaS stack, providing a centralized overview of every access. By automating user provisioning, requests and approvals for all SaaS applications, AccessOwl simplifies the process and ensures compliance with SOC 2 and ISO27001 standards.

Want to uncover every application and user account?