Realtime monitoring of your SaaS accounts and permissions

Full visibility over every SaaS user to track unused, orphaned and overprovisioned accounts.

Realtime User Monitor

Your Single-Source-of-Truth of all SaaS users

Keep a full overview of all employees SaaS accounts and permissions without ever logging into separate applications.

Monitor and Control

Monitor and control SaaS licenses

Save money and reduce your attack surface by auto-detecting and deleting unused seats and orphaned accounts.

Streamline User Access Reviews

Stop wasting time of manually collecting access information. Run a full access reviews in as little as 10 minutes.

Access Review
Combine Data

Enforce Least-Privilege access

Combine HRIS data with SaaS access to auto-detect overprovisioned user accounts and privilege creep.

Gain visibility into any application

No public API, SCIM or SAML needed. Make the most out of your SaaS stack by gaining visibility into usage, users and permissions.


Want to gain visibility into SaaS user accounts and permissions?

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