Access Management for your SaaS applications

Orchestrate your employees' access to SaaS tools — right in Slack. Automate access requests, approvals and provisioning workflows.


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Automating Access Management & Compliance at

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Automate on- & offboarding workflows

Covering the entire employee lifecycle: AccessOwl ensures that new employees have access to all relevant tools on their starting date. Offboarding an user is as simple as a click of a button and no access is ever forgotten. Aligning HR, IT and line manager — eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

Onboarding message to manager in Slack
Approval message to manager in Slack

Simplify approval workflows

Your team can easily request new accesses on-demand via self-service — without leaving Slack. Give IT teams and tool owners full control over costs and access rights in an easy and seamless way.


Make your auditors happy

Get a crystal clear audit trail of who has been given access to which resource, when and why — available at the push of a button. Ensure that everyone has only the most necessary permissions ("Least privilege" principle). Control access requests in compliance with internal or external policies (such as GDPR, SOC2, ISO27001).

Access reporting in central web application

Provisioning for over 100+ SaaS tools with AccessOwl

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How it works

The general concept of AccessOwl in three simple steps.

1. User is onboarded, offboarded or requests new access themself

AccessOwl provides an easy-to-use interface for HR managers, Admins and regular users — right in Slack. Access modifications like new grants or revocations are collected in a structured but simple way.

Selecting applications for a new user in the onboarding flow right in Slack
Approval message to manager in Slack

2. Get approval for access change

If the flow requires it we request the approvals for you automatically, e.g. by sending a Slack message to the manager. Approve or deny — available at the push of a button.

3. Provision with AccessOwl

Use AccessOwl to directly provision all requested changes. Alternatively have your tool owners receive a detailed to-do for every approved request. Every change will be documented and users will receive a notification directly in Slack.

Onboarding Slack message to Admin

What experts say

Tobias S.

Whenever I onboard a new member on my team I need to document which accesses were granted across all of the tools we use. I want that to happen automatically, so that I do not have to worry about staying compliant for an audit.

Tobias S.

Senior Director Software Engineering


Christoph S.

The best Administrators I encountered had the talent and experience to create their own well-oiled but often custom system to track and organize access rights. Lean organizations of the SaaS-age should have access to user-friendly administration-software for all skill levels to help their diverse use-cases out of the box and bring order into chaos.

Christoph S.



François L.

Every growing company in serious business needs a proper access management. Most of them use a home grown process from paper-based to issue tracking solutions. In every new company I have to build the same thing over and over again. It's time to make that easier!

François L.



Comparison with the leading provisioning provider

Tool DiscoveryYesNo
App ProvisioningYesIf SAML/SCIM API's are accessible, mostly enterprise subscriptions needed
SOC2 & ISO 27001 compliant Access ManagementYesYes
Access ReviewsYesNo
Access ReportsYesFor last 90 days only
Identity Provider (SSO)No (we recommend Google SSO)Yes
WorkflowsAd-hoc Request, Approval, On and Off-boarding workflowsVia custom scripts
Employee InterfaceSlack or Teams (coming soon)Via WebApp
Setup TimeMinutes - HoursWeeks - Months

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