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How it works

Modern Access Management

Automate Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Optimize your SaaS stack with automated employee account creation, regardless of subscription level or API access. Reduce unused licenses and data leak risks through automated deprovisioning.

AccessOwl provides many integrations
User Access Overview

Live View of User Accounts and Permissions

Transition from manual spreadsheets to an automated single-source-of-truth for all user accounts and permissions. Leverage the transparency to identify security gaps and over-provisioning.

Self-Service Access Request

Streamline processes with modern self-service workflows, eliminating tickets and ad-hoc messages. Enable employees to request access with a single click in Slack, keeping them informed until their account is ready.

Access Request in Slack


Saved per Onboarding*


Missed Offboardings



Always ready for the next Audit

Access Review

One-Click Access Reviews

Enable reviewers to audit access in minutes, not weeks. Automatically generate robust evidence for auditors detailing who has access, from when, and why.

Automated Employee Lifecycle

Initiate fully automated on- and offboardings via your HRIS for an excellent employee experience and offboardings without any delay.

User Offboarding
Approval Process, e.g. Manager approves access of employee

Workflows which keep Auditors happy

Customize approval steps as needed and tailor policies for each application's risk profile. Automatically log every request, approval, and user access.

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What Customers say

Khalifah Alsadah

I see whether a request is pending, approved or has been created. It's super convenient for us. Since we started using AccessOwl, I haven't received a single direct message to request access to tools.

Khalifah Alsadah

Product Manager


Ethan Yu

The most impressive thing is how well the integrations work, it turned out to be pretty magical. If you find yourself repeatedly thinking about granting users access to tools, this is a no-brainer.

Ethan Yu

Co-Founder & COO


Martin Seener

...Nowadays the same process takes less than a minute and works with the click of a button.

Martin Seener

Senior Director of IT Administration


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