Frequently Asked Questions

What is AccessOwl?

It’s a Slack app to request predefined applications easily, document its approvals and manage the overall accesses of your users. Moreover it finally automates your onboarding and offboarding processes.

What do I need to start?

As AccessOwl is based on Slack, that’s the only thing you need to start. After a one-click-setup it’s immediately available to all of your Slack users. Just add the applications your users should be able to request and you’re ready to go.

How do you provision accesses?

In Pro plan AccessOwl manages manual provisioning processes using an intelligent workflow engine in Slack. We send Slack messages that include all the necessary information he or she needs to fulfill a provisioning request. The admin saves valuable time as he or she does not need to ask around which roles and permissions need to be set or what he/she has done already. There is always full transparency.

However, with the Enterprise plan we offer automated provisioning for over 100+ SaaS applications.

Can I transfer the existing accesses of my users and their applications to get a single source of truth?

Yes! We offer an easy to use interface to transfer a set of target access states into AccessOwl depending on the number of applications you have. It works best for teams with less than 100 users.

Can you read all my Slack chat messages?

No. AccessOwl only needs a minimal set of permissions to work. When you install it into your Slack workspace, Slack shows you a detailed list of permissions AccessOwl will get.

Is my data secure?

AccessOwl uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. Sensitive data is encrypted by default. We regularly back up your data to prevent data loss and aid in recovery.

All data is securely stored in Germany to facilitate compliance with privacy regulations and leverage the EU’s strong standards for data protection.

Can you give me a demo?

Of course. If you want a walk-through please reach out to us.

What if we need more time after the free trial is over?

If you want your trial extended just reach out to us and we’ll extend it. Life should be easy like that.