$3 $2.50 /user/month

Access Requests

Basic approval policies

On- & Offboarding workflows

Access Reports

Access Templates

Best for:

  • Replacing manual spreadsheet and JIRA processes with Slack workflows
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$5 $4 /user/month

Everything in "Basic", plus

Advanced approval policies

Access Reviews

Shadow IT detection

70+ HRIS Integrations

Add-On: Account Provisioning

$3 $2.50 /user/month

Provisioning to 200+ applications

Best for:

  • Automate Provisioning
  • SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA certified organizations


$12 $10 /user/month

Everything in "Growth", plus

SaaS posture management

Threat detection & remediation

Custom Integrations

24/7 support

Add-On: Account Provisioning

$3 $2.50 /user/month

Provisioning to 200+ applications

Best for:

  • Custom Integrations
  • Introduction of IGA capabilities to existing IT workflows

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Billing Questions and Answers

Which integrations are you currently covering?

We cover 200+ applications. Reach out to us to get detailed feedback on which applications AccessOwl already integrates with.

Does an application need to have SCIM/SAML support to work with AccessOwl?

No, AccessOwl can also integrate with applications when neither SCIM nor SAML are available or are locked behind the enterprise-subscription.

Do I need the Enterprise-subscription for my applications to add them to AccessOwl?

No, AccessOwl can integrate with applications even when SCIM or SAML are not available.

I have X employees, is this the right time to implement Access Management?

It depends on many factors such as the number of applications, the fluctuation of team members and whether your organization is regularly audited. For audited organizations the need for an Access Management solution can start as early as 20 employees. Non-audited organization usually start automating their IT proceesses at around 50+ employees.

I am SOC2/ISO27001/... certified. What is the right package for me?

We recommend the Growth package. It includes Access Requests, Approvals, Access Reviews which are required to stay compliant. The provisioning add-on can help to ensure that employees are offboarded within the required timeframe.

How can I start the 7 day trial?

Just book a demo with us and we will make sure that you are all set up.

How do you count users?

We base it on the number of Slack users (excluding Single-Channel-Guests). The billing amount is updated prorata every month and before each payment based on number of users in your Slack workspace.