FinCompare on- and offboards employees with a single click


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Too much time was spent on documentation and communicating between different stakeholders to on- and offboard employees.


Tasks are automatically triggered with a single click. The need for communication between stakeholders has been eliminated and documentation automated.


FinCompare has different admins for their pool of SaaS applications. This made the delegation of access requests, as well as on- and offboardings a big challenge. “In the end manually delegating between all application admins wasn't feasible anymore”, said Robert Pötzsch, Office Manager at FinCompare. “We used an email group to inform all application admins about the tasks but there was always the need for me to follow up and remind individuals admins”.

The back-and-forth communication was not only time consuming but also led to miscommunication, forgotten offboarded accounts and employees that waited for access. “Due to miscommunication we had a case where paid software licenses were not canceled for months without us realizing.”, says Robert. Besides the security risk these cases also lead to increased costs for unused software licenses.


FinCompare was one of the first companies that implemented AccessOwl's access requests, on- and offboard, as well as a database of who has access to what. “The biggest advantage is the documentation that allows an easy offboarding of employees,” said Robert, “It's a single click and every stakeholder gets the information they need.” The automation of their access management resulted for FinCompare in large time savings.

Where an offboarding could take up to several hours per employee it can now be done with a single click. And employees that used to ask around to get the right access to the right tool are now able to simply trigger a request in AccessOwl which is forwarded to the right person.

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