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Stop manually updating spreadsheets and automate the creation and deletion of user accounts

Access Request in Slack

Trigger a new onboarding in one click. Let AccessOwl worry about the rest

Use AccessOwl's HR integrations or simply trigger the onboarding in Slack. Save everyone time and reduce back-and-forth communication with the help of automated onboarding workflows. All information is always forwarded to the right stakeholder at the right time.

Onboarding with Access Template in Slack
Access granted message in Slack

Offer an amazing employee experience from day one and increase the productivity

AccessOwl ensures that all accounts are created for the first day of work. New joiners will immediately see which applications they have access to and where to ask for additional tools and access rights. Everything is done in the app everybody already knows and loves — Slack.

Stop manually updating excel sheets to track who has which access

Always be prepared for offboardings. AccessOwl automatically documents which employee has access to which tools. Offboardings can be triggered with a single click and will be forwarded to the relevant stakeholders.

Access Report in Admin Web Interface

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