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Have all the information about who has access to what at your fingertips

Peace of mind for IT Managers

Requesting accesses directly in Slack — so easy, everybody will know how to do it

Stop the flood of messages and emails from your colleagues. On- & Offboarding and access requests can now be triggered right in the tool your colleagues already know and love — Slack. No more back-and-forth communication because of missing information and unclear requests.

Access Request in Slack
User Offboarding

Never miss an account when offboarding

AccessOwl will be your single-source-of-truth for all employee accounts. Offboarding requests will automatically be sent to all application admins. A task overview right in Slack will always give you a clear picture of what's left to do.

AccessOwl will ask for the managers access request approval so you don't have to

Rely on fully automatic approval processes so you don't have to waste your time getting the approval from different stakeholders. Have it all in one place with a clear audit-trail.

Approval Process, e.g. Manager approves access of employee

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