Handle Access Requests right in Slack

Let AccessOwl automatically forward access and approval requests to the right people

Access Request in Slack

Easier than any ticketing system

AccessOwl allows your employees to start access requests right in Slack and get an approval in seconds. Always keep track on the current status without ever switching apps.

Request Access Button in Slack
Application Owner Task Overview in Slack

AccessOwl finds the right person to your request

AccessOwl forwards access requests to the right stakeholders to get the access your employee needs. AccessOwl will either automatically create your desired access in seconds or alternatively inform the right application admin.

Implement a quick & easy approval process with AccessOwl

No need to manually ping the manager to get an official approval for a new access. AccessOwl can forward all the details of a request and make it as easy as clicking a button to approve and document the request at the same time. All without ever leaving the Slack app.

Manager Approval Task Overview in Slack

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